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RUM Atelier an Innovative Hub Transforming Design, Engineering, and Technology


We, at RUM Atelier, are a leading creative fabrication studio situated in the middle east excelling in the domains of design, engineering, and technology. Renowned for our innovative prowess, we have embarked on trailblazing projects mainly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. In this article, we will examine our methodology, accomplishments, and the influence we are trying to usher in the world of design and engineering.


Integrating Art and Cutting-Edge Technology

We set ourselves apart with our remarkable capacity to intertwine artistic flair with advanced technology, redefining the boundaries of design, engineering, and fabrication. Our versatile team of professionals, including architects, engineers, designers, and technologists, collaborates seamlessly to deliver exceptional solutions that go beyond client expectations. This multidisciplinary approach guarantees the perfect fusion of design, fabrication, and implementation, resulting in extraordinary project outcomes.

We have engaged in a diverse array of pioneering projects, primarily in the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets. Our portfolio demonstrates a body of work, including cultural facilities, commercial venues, and urban developments. Some noteworthy endeavors include:

-An immersive metro station in AlOlayaa Riyadh, harmonizing the influence of the arabian desert with digital technology to captivate and inspire onlookers.

-A pavilion envelope system for a Dubai Expo, emphasizing parametric design and engineering approaches while championing constructability mindfulness.

-A man made diving pool in Doha, equipped with advanced fabricated structures and interactive features, encouraging discovery.

Sustainability and Green Practices

As a state of the art design and fabrication studio, we are devoted to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices within our projects. Through the utilization of inventive materials, renewable energy sources, and efficient construction techniques, we can minimize our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional results.

Shaping the Future of Design, Engineering, and Technology

Our contributions are contributing to the foundation for the next phase in design, engineering, and technology.

By persistently pushing the limits and embracing innovation, we are not only trying to transform the landscapes of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region but also motivating the upcoming generation of designers, engineers, and technologists globally.


With our fusion of desgin capabilities and state-of-the-art technology know how, RUM Atelier is aiming to leave a global impact and to try and redefine the way we approach design and engineering in the 21st century.

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Amman, Jordan 

Al-Baouneyah St.

Zakrya Stetyah complex

3rd floor, Office 302

(+962) 790 654 659

Doha, Qatar 

Onaiza, Zone 66, 

Building 3, Ground floor

Office 1001

(+974) 337 911 10

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